Our 2022-2023 Robot: glacier!

Thank you to our sponsors and everyone who made this season possible, from starting the season without a clear home to having one of the most competitive robots in the world has meant a lot to this team.

IN South League Rank 1

IN South League WAC

IN South League Inspire 2

IN State Rank 4

IN State SAC

IN State Promote Award

IN State Inspire 3

4th Globally Highest OPR

Some things we are proud of this season:

    ◦    Coaxial Virtual 4 Bar means we can pick up fallen cones or flip fallen cones from any angle, and from the front or back of the robot. 

    ◦    First year using odometry allowed us to get one of the highest auto scores in the world with a 1+5.

    ◦    Robot largely 3d printed ABS or made with lasercut wood.

    ◦    Compact 13.5x13.5 Frame.

    ◦    Custom PID controls on all lift and arm motors.


Robot CAD (step file)

Robot Code 

Engineering Portfolio (officially submitted) 

Promote Award Video 

Robot Pit Flyer 

Pit Setup

Reveal Video 

Team 11329 looks forward to competing at MTI this off-season! For any questions about the team or robot reach out via email , discord (@emer_zun #1765), or on Instagram @ftc11329 ! 🧊🥶❄️