We are FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC) Team 3494 - The Quadrangles. The team was founded in the fall of 2010 by Chris Hacker and Cindy Kvale and has competed in 14 FRC seasons. The Quadrangles also sponsor FIRST®  Tech Challenge (FTC) Team 11329 - I.C.E. Robotics which has competed for 8 FTC seasons. There are normally between 20-30 students between the two teams. We welcome students in grades 8-12 and mentors from Monroe and Lawrence counties. There are numerous mentors, including working and retired engineers and technicians, FIRST®  alumni, parents, and other community members. Currently, the main mentors are Chris Hacker, Cindy Kvale, Ben Cerveny, Pam Bessler, Mady Stricker, Alex Von Hoene, Emerson Bessler, and Josh Targo.


Inspire youth to find and pursue their passion for science, engineering, and technology.

OUR Strategies


The FIRST Robotics Competition is one of the four youth programs of FIRST® that provides the opportunity and resources for students and participants on each team to collaborate to ultimately create a complex, but sophisticated and competitive robot. This hands-on experience allows our members to engage in science, technology, engineering, and math outside of a classroom setting. 

Our returning students lead special interest groups in machining, designing, programming, building or marketing as they train new members. Mentors help guide conversation and assist in any way possible with their unique expertise. Everyone on the team is actively participating and learning while contributing to the team throughout the whole year. Activities range from building and testing prototypes, CAD designing, and programming to grant writing, marketing and prepping for awards. 

By the end of each season, members gain a valuable set of new, life-long skills and experiences that will benefit them for future success as they continue their academic career into college and STEM related careers. We pride ourselves on our team’s ability to foster an interest and passion for STEM fields within students and the community. Visit our OUTREACH page for more information.